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Ariane Busch
Lettestrasse 5 . 10437 Berlin

This is Ariane Busch alias Karlotta, freelance art director & graphic designer, coffee lover & passionate traveller, based in adopted cities Berlin and Munich. Over two decade of design in a nutshell: diploma in communication design in 2003 in Munich, thesis in the US, studies in Spanish Sevilla, Arts University Stuttgart. Profound background in photography & styling before falling madly in love with editorial design. Permanent positions at some of the biggest and most influential European publishing houses. Lots of editorial developments and magazine relaunches as well as branding development and rebranding. The words of Sylvia Plath are still with me, after they found me years ago: „I close my eyes and all the world drops dead. I open them, and all is born again.“

portrait by Urban Zintel